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When a screwdriver is not nearly enough to properly drive screws or bolts, impact drills come to the rescue. But what is an impact drill, anyway? These power tools are very useful for twisting screws into place, particularly in materials of high density. They greatly reduce user fatigue and let you do more work in less time.

Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we offer not only the finest impact drills but also impact wrenches from the global brand Makita. Browse our range and find the specific tool you need!

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Difference between Impact Driver and Drill

In distinguishing between impact driver vs drill, you need to consider rotational action and power. Simply put, impact drills, particularly a Makita impact drill, produces a lot more torque than the best drill can. Also, these bursts or impacts happen about 50 times per second, making the power tool so much more effective in driving screws, whether it is slotted, square, Phillips, Torx, and so on.

Impact Wrench for Nuts and Bolts

When it comes to fastening or loosening nuts and bolts, you would need an impact wrench, which has even higher power. Our Makita impact wrench is also highly useful for fasteners that are thicker and longer, just like timber screws.

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For the highest quality impact drills and wrenches, all you need is to browse our catalogue. Choose from our 18V or 40V varieties, both available in different sizes to suit your needs. Call us anytime for inquiries and orders!

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