Pool Steel Reinforcing Bar for Building In-ground Pools

If you have ever wondered how those custom-shaped concrete pools with all the curved edges were made, the secret lies in the right kind of reinforcing bar. Ordinary rebars would suffice for the typical rectangular pools with all straight edges. But if you want a curvier pool, then you would have to use the bendable steel reinforcement bars for the job. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we have a full stock of top quality pool steel S12 reinforcing bar, perfect for your pool construction project.

  • Pool Steel S12 Reinforcing Bar
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Creating the Most Interesting Pool Shapes

You can really let your creativity run wild and design just about any shape you want for your pool because the S12 reinforced steel bars are soft enough to be bent into any form you wish. Don’t be fooled by its softness, though, because once it binds with the concrete and the structure hardens, you can be sure that it will absorb all the tension in the structure and will result in a very strong and durable swimming pool.

Different Sizes Available

The S in S12 stands for soft, while the 12 refers to the width of the bar in millimetres. Whilst the width is fixed, you can choose to order the 6m or the 9m pool steel, depending on your construction requirements. No matter which you select, you can be sure that our pool steel complies with all pool construction standards.

For more information about our pool steel and our other concrete reinforcements, just call us and we will be very happy to assist!

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