Best Key Joints for Concrete Construction Projects

If you are looking for the most reliable key joints to use in your concrete construction projects, you have come to the right place. Western Sydney Building Supplies is one of the official Connolly key joint suppliers in Australia, and we assure you that whatever type of key joints or related accessories you need, we have it right here in our inventory.

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What Is a Key Joint?

A key joint is a device used to create controlled cracks in a newly poured concrete structure. Concrete has an inherent tendency to crack because of thermal changes, seismic movement, and other factors. A key joint helps prevent cracking in these situations by allowing for lateral movement between slabs. The key joint also ensures the transfer of load between two adjacent concrete slabs.

The key joint system offers a faster, cheaper and more efficient method for creating control joints in a concrete structure, as compared to the conventional method, which is much more tedious, takes up more than double the amount of time, and requires lengthy planning and ultimately more work.


Benefits of Using Key Joints in Concrete Work

Our selection includes the 6-metre and the 3-metre key joints by Connolly. No matter which of these you choose, you will be able to pour concrete in one continuous flow, rather than having to fill up the area in a checkerboard pattern, and then waiting for the squares to dry before filling in the rest of it. You can also choose from permanent capping or tear-off strip capping.

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