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Quality Reinforcement Dowels for the Strongest Concrete Joints

Reinforcement dowels are vital for ensuring the structural integrity of adjoining slabs. Without them, there is a risk that the structure would quickly sustain damage as the years pass. It might even collapse. But here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we have a range of dowel rebars for a wide range of applications. Browse our catalogue and find the perfect product for your project.

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Black Steel vs. Galvanised Steel Reinforcement Dowels

Our inventory carries both galvanised reinforcing dowels and black reinforcing dowels. Other than their appearance, are there any significant differences between these two kinds of reinforcing dowels?

As you can easily see, our galvanised steel dowels are slightly pricier than the black dowels. This is because it is coated with zinc, whereas the black option has no coating. This makes galvanised steel the preferred choice in terms of durability.


Can Black and Galvanised Reinforcement Dowel Bars Be Combined?

Technically, it is fine to use black and galvanised steel rebars together in concrete. However, since the black reinforcing dowels are uncoated, there is a tendency for them to corrode if exposed. The corrosion can also dissolve the zinc coating on the galvanised dowels. To avoid this, you need to make sure that the point of connection between the two dowels is completely embedded in the freshly poured concrete to eliminate the risk of corrosion.

Whichever one you prefer to use, we have top quality options for you. Call us today for a quick quote or go ahead and place your orders now!

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