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Top Quality Garden Tools Oils  

Looking for the best oil for garden tools? You have come to the right place! Western Sydney Building Supplies is an accredited distributor of Makita power tools and power tool accessories, including the highly-rated 2-Stroke Oil that comes highly recommended for garden tool lubrication. Shop online without stress and we can have your order at your doorstep the next day! 

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Importance of Using High Quality Garden Tools Oils  

It is necessary to oil garden tools because the oil reduces friction, which keeps your machines from overheating. Too much heat can lead to tool failure and of course, this is not something that you want. 

The lubrication also minimises wear, allows for the smoother and more efficient operation of the tool and helps prevent corrosion and the build-up of rust. It will also help considerably in maintaining the cleanliness of the tools.  

The Makita Advantage

Why choose Makita instead of some other non-toxic oil for garden tools? Aside from being a strongly established name in the power tool industry, Makita garden tool oils are low ash, which means they help prevent fouling of plugs and blocking of exhaust ports in your garden power tools. It also produces minimal smoke and consistently exceeds the standards set by the JASO FD.  

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