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Saw Knives Cutting Tools for Various Applications

Construction work usually involves a lot of cutting. No matter what material you will be working with, whether it is wood, board, plastic, aluminium or other metals, we have just the right cutting tools for you right here at Western Sydney Building Supplies. 

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Tools for Cutting Metal

If you need to cut thick and hard metals, such as chains, bolts, wire ropes or even padlocks, a dependable set of bolt cutters would be very useful. There are also hand saws that can efficiently cut through metal, like hacksaws. However, most hand saws are used primarily for cutting wood or PVC.  

Portable Cutting Tools for Multiple Purposes

Our range also includes some excellent portable cutting tools that you can bring along with you wherever you go, like the folding & trade knives from Makita or Ox Tools. These are handy tools that serve multiple uses but they are also extremely sharp and very durable. We also have replacement blades for these versatile tools. If you don’t want the hassle of sharpening the blades, snap-off knives might be a practical choice for you. 

Floor Scraper for Carpet Removal

The floor scraper is equipped with a blade that is made for dislodging all kinds of flooring material, from sheet vinyl to tiles. This is great for prepping for re-flooring, or simply for creating a bare but smooth surface. 

If you need assistance with which cutting tools to use for your project, just call us and we will be happy to recommend some of our top quality products to you! 

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