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Best Tools for Measuring, Layout & Marking

Whether you are an avid DIYer or a professional craftsman, the importance of proper measuring, lay-outing and marking can never be overemphasised. You need to have the right skills and the right tools to be able to do these tasks correctly. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we have a complete selection of such tools to ensure the perfect outcome of your construction project. 

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Get Precise Measurements

The first step in delivering excellent results is to get your measurements right. The most basic tools you would need for these are tape measures and spirit levels. You can survive on these measuring tools for most projects, but make sure you invest in a high quality product. If you are going to be working in extremely tight spaces, you might also find the torpedo levels quite useful, although these are typically reserved for professional use. 

Use Reliable Marking Implements

After taking the measurements, you need to mark them on your workpiece without the risk of erasure. There are several marking tools you can use, depending on the materials you are working on. Graphite pencils are the most commonly used in carpentry as they are cheap and accessible. You can also opt for chalk reels, marking spray paints, or marking crayons. 

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