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Heavy Duty Builders Film for the Toughest Construction Environment

When working on an outdoor concrete construction project, there will usually be the risk of exposure to rain, sunlight or even dust which can compromise the quality of the results. To protect against these potential problems, you would need an ample supply of builders film. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we have a selection of builders film rolls that would be useful for a wide range of applications.

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Common Uses of Builders Film

A builders film roll comes in handy for a multitude of situations. When it looks like it’s about to rain hard and the concrete has just been laid or has not completely dried, you can protect it from water penetration by laying out a sheet or two of high impact builders film. Black builders film is also great for protecting against sun exposure or the freezing temperature of frost. The film also serves as a protective sheet for particularly sensitive surfaces that need to be flawlessly smooth.


Available in Different Types

Our catalogue currently carries three different types of black plastic builders film. You can choose from high impact, medium impact, or low impact, depending on the environment or the purpose. In addition, we also have clear films for situations where you prefer to see the surface even while it is covered. Each type is available in rolls of 50 metres and 100 metres.

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