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Best Brick and Masonry Sundries in Australia

Construction projects involving brick and masonry can be tedious and sensitive. To ensure high quality results, you also need to use high quality equipment and accessories. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we not only supply you with the major tools but we also carry a complete range of all the brick sundries and masonry sundries you will ever need.  

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What Brick and Masonry Sundries Are Used for 

In brick and masonry construction projects, much effort is given so that the resulting structure will remain intact for years to come. To guarantee this, various products are used, each with its specific use.  

Brick ties, one of the most vital elements, are needed to connect each individual brick to the one beside it, as well as to the structural frame of the building. Lintels are often steel beams that are positioned over door and window openings in brick or stone structures, for the purpose of supporting the load above the opening. 

We also have slip joints that help prevent the formation of cracks in brick or stone as the materials expand and contract over time, as well as wall vents that promote adequate ventilation throughout the building. 

Most Trusted Brands in Brick and Masonry Sundries

As a leading provider of building supplies in NSW, we have partnered with the most trusted manufacturers of brick and masonry sundries. Browse our selections and find products from reputable names like Alcor, Whites, Vespol, Carlray, and our own WSBS products. 

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