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Best Hammers Wreckers for Construction and Demolition Projects

Hammers are one of the most popular tools used for construction. These basic tools are commonly used in carpentry, usually for driving nails into wood, and are also known as claw hammers. However, there are also many kinds of hammers, sometimes called wreckers, which are built primarily for destruction. No matter what kind of hammer you need, you will find them right here at Western Sydney Building Supplies. 

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Hammers & Wreckers for Various Applications

As mentioned, claw hammers are the ones that are frequently used in carpentry. They are easily distinguished by the claw-like part on their head, which is used to pull out nails from wood. Our selection includes the standard steel claw hammer and framing hammer by Ox Tools.   

We also have a selection of clubs, and sledge and demolition hammers guaranteed to deliver maximum power with every swing. Our range includes tools of various capacities, from the Ox Trade 4 lb club hammer to the 10 lb steel forged sledgehammer fitted with a rubber-coated fibreglass handle. We also have a 6 lb mini sledge hammer for less heavy-duty work but no less striking efficiency. 

Wrecking Bar for Easy Prying

For components that need to be dislodged or pried apart, you will need a sturdy wrecking bar made of tempered steel, like the 24-inch wrecking bar that we have from Ox Tools. With the right combination of our hammers and wreckers, your demolition project will be finished before you know it! So what are you waiting for? Call us today to place an order!

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