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High Quality Respiratory Protection Equipment for Construction Work

Working in construction often involves getting exposed to dust and other tiny particles of construction materials floating in the air. Not only do these particles cause discomfort but they can actually lead to serious respiratory problems, especially with frequent or prolonged exposure. The best way to protect against such health problems is by using reliable respiratory protective equipment that meets the standards in the Australian construction industry.

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Why Wear a Respiratory Protection Mask at the Construction Site

It is important to wear a dust mask while doing construction work to keep the respiratory system protected from all the dust and other minute construction particles flying about.  Whilst it is true that most construction sites now use modern dust collection systems to minimise air pollutants, there will still be particles left in the air that people can breathe. For an added layer of protection, everyone in the vicinity is encouraged to wear a mask at all times.

For high-risk environments, ordinary masks would not be enough. Workers must use special masks with ABEK filters, which can absorb dangerous fumes and keep them from entering the respiratory system.

Choosing the Right Respiratory Protection Equipment

When buying masks for construction, you should consider the amount of pollutants or hazardous dust that is present in the environment. Heavy duty masks will be required for very toxic areas but for the average construction site, ordinary dust masks will do just fine.

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