Best Crack Inducers for the Sturdiest Concrete Surfaces

Cracks on concrete are often perceived to be signs of damage or imperfection in the structure. However, there are cracks that are intentionally created for the specific purpose of strengthening the slab, especially at the joints. To make these controlled cracks, you need to use a high quality crack inducer, just like the ones that we have here at Western Sydney Building Supplies.

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What Are Crack Inducers?

They are also known as PVC crack inducers because they are made of PVC material. However, there are also varieties that are made of steel or other metal. In any case, crack inducers are a type of concrete reinforcement tool that has an inverted V shape along its length. It is meant to be applied onto wet concrete to create perfectly formed indentions or cracks at regular intervals on concrete slabs that are continuously poured and therefore have no joints.


Purposes of Crack Inducers

The primary use of crack inducers is to enhance the structural integrity of the concrete slab. The cracks allow thermal movement within the concrete and minimise the damage that results from the frequent contraction and expansion as temperature changes. Another reason why some builders use crack inducers is to create a decorative pattern on an otherwise completely plain concrete surface.


Choose the Right Crack Inducers

Browse our selection and choose from a variety of colours and styles. We have plain ones with no capping as well as permanent capping options. Call us for a quick quote and finish off your concrete project the right way!

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