Concrete Expansion Foam

It’s very difficult to finish a concrete construction project perfectly, with not a single crack or gap. To patch up these inevitable flaws, you can use expansion foam. It is not only very effective but also very easy to use as well. Western Sydney Building Supplies carries a wide selection of concrete expansion foam products for you to choose from.

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Popular Uses of Concrete Expansion Foam

The main purpose of concrete expansion form, sometimes also known as expansion joint foam, is to close up gaps in the concrete structure. Oftentimes, these gaps are found along wall edges, or in the holes that were made for pipe installation.

Expansion foam is also frequently used to finish door and window installations. It is applied to the space between the concrete wall and the door jamb or window sill. In this case, the foam does not only seal the gap but it also provides insulation, which is very important for minimising heat loss during the cold months.

Our expansion foam products can also be used to stabilise plumbing installations. It not only seals the gaps between the pipes and the concrete wall but also prevents rattling.


High Quality Products at Competitive Prices

As a leading supplier of building tools and accessories in Australia, we offer only the finest brands in the industry. Hence, our range includes the expert-recommended Sika Boom expanding foam, as well as our own WSBS sticky and non-sticky foam rolls. Check out our catalogue and add to your cart today!

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