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The main function of a workbench is for you to have a dedicated place where you can work using your tools. It also usually doubles as storage for these tools and an assortment of other items in your shop or garage. Using a good workbench or sawhorse can benefit you in many ways. 

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Reasons Why Saw Horses are a Must-Have in the Workshop 

For one thing, it would be very difficult to cut wood, particularly large boards, without one. If you take a pair of saw horses and lay an expansive board between them, you can have yourself a makeshift work bench. A good saw horse is very sturdy and some can support weights of more than 1000 lbs. This means that together, a pair of saw horses can easily hold more than 2000 lbs. If you don’t have a lot of space to leave them when not in use, you can opt for folding saw horses, which are quite portable as well. 

Different Types of Work Benches

As for work benches, there are plenty of types to choose from as well. There are folding varieties that would keep your work area tidy, and those with adjustable height, depending on your current project. The best work benches, however, are those with built-in cabinets and storage compartments.  

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