Dowel Cradles & Sleeves for On-Ground Concrete Slabs

Dowel bars are frequently used in concrete slab construction, such as for flooring or roads. To support these bars and make them as effective as possible in absorbing vibrations due to contraction and expansion of the concrete, you would want to enforce them with the best dowel cradles & bars Australia can offer. And we have those right here at Western Sydney Building Supplies.

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Importance of Dowel Cradles & Sleeves

Dowel cradles are made of thick and sturdy wire welded together and are useful for load transfer in concrete slab construction. Dowel cradles keep the slab perfectly aligned and at the right height as you pour concrete continuously. Dowel sleeves, particularly the square-shaped ones, allow for lateral movement in the slab. The sleeves cover half of the dowel, making it easier for the dowel to de-bond from the concrete.


Key Features of Quality Dowel Sleeves

Western Sydney Building Supplies offers only the finest reinforcement accessories, and our dowel sleeves are no exception. Some of the notable features of our top-of-the-line sleeves are a twist-fix feature that ensures unrestricted movement of the slab, integrated feet that give a boost in stability, an efficient closure at the ends, protecting the dowel from slurry penetration, and many more.


High Quality at Competitive Prices

Even if we provide the highest level of quality, we can guarantee that our shop has the most competitive dowel cradles & sleeves cost in all of Australia. Call today for a quick quote or just add your orders to the cart directly!

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