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High Quality Knee Protection for Construction Work

Whilst doing construction work, there is often the need for frequent or prolonged kneeling on hard surfaces like concrete or plywood. At the very least, this might cause slight discomfort but after a while of repetitive kneeling, your knees might soon start to experience chronic pain, swelling and even more serious injuries. The best way to prevent this is to use high quality knee protection pads, just like the ones that we have right here in our catalogue.

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Benefits of Using Protective Knee Pads

The biggest benefit that construction workers can get from wearing knee pads is the significantly added comfort when working on their knees. Installing a large piece of roofing or flooring material can take a while and all this time, you will be on your knees.

A good pair of knee pads will provide a thick cushion between your patella and the hard surface, letting you work more comfortably and more efficiently.

Knee pads can also protect from being punctured by pointed objects like nails, or being scraped by sharp edges of tin sheets, for instance. They also give support to the knees, reducing the risk of injuries despite continuous hours of hard work.

Multiple Features for Maximum Versatility

The knee pads by Maxisafe that we have here at Western Sydney Building Supplies are equipped with several practical features like a strong grip on slippery surfaces, perforated lining to prevent moisture build-up, elastic straps for a snug fit, and more. Order your pair now or call us to learn more!

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