Quality Tie Wires for Securing Rebars and Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing bars and mesh are essential for creating concrete slabs but they don’t always stay in place, especially when the concrete pouring begins. To make sure that everything stays where it should be, you need quality tie wires to secure your rebars and mesh. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we offer a range of wire ties that will help improve the results of most construction projects.

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Uses of Tie Wire in Construction and Beyond

The most common function of the wire ties in construction is for securely fastening pieces of rebar together to create a robust formwork for concrete slabs. Wire tying is also useful for securing mesh to keep it in place during the concrete pouring process until the slab has completely dried. In packaging, tie wires are also a frequent choice for tying product bundles together because of their strength.


Characteristics of Reliable Reinforcement Tie Wire

Tie wires look pretty much the same, so how can you tell which ones are any good? There is no definite answer because different types of tie wires are meant for different purposes. For starters, they can be made of different materials. Galvanised tie wire and stainless steel tie wire are among the most popular but there are also wires that are copper-coated, PVC-coated, and black annealed.

Tie wires also come in different thicknesses and lengths. If you are not sure which particular kind to purchase, call us and our concrete reinforcement specialists will help you make the most suitable choice for your construction project.

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