Reliable Capping & Rebate Moulds for Concrete Projects

In concrete construction, there are different kinds of finishes that you can use for joints. You can achieve these varied effects by using specific types of capping & rebate moulds with your expansion joints. When it comes to expansion joint systems, Connolly is the name trusted by contractors in Australia. You can find their complete range of products here in the WSBS catalogue, including the highly recommended Connolly key joint and the Connolly expansion joint capping.

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What Are Rebate Moulds?

Rebate moulds are profiles that are applied over key joints to create a perfectly formed rebate along the surface of the key joint. This practice ensures that the joint is protected and that there will be a precise and efficient sealant or filler application.

Connolly rebates are made of UV resistant PVC material and are also resistant to petroleum-based products. They are known for the supreme protection that they give to the joint against foreign particle ingression.


What Is Capping?

Capping keeps the joint permanently protected from the ingress of foreign materials. For Connolly expansion joints, the capping is made of a white stiff plastic that is clipped over the profile, and is then covered by a softer capping made of PVC, which allows it to move freely with the concrete slab.


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