Best Bitumen Expansion Jointing in Australia

Are you planning on laying concrete for a pathway or driveway? Don’t forget to use a high quality bitumen expansion joint in your construction as this will absorb a lot of the pressure that comes as the concrete expands and contracts over time. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, our extensive range of concrete reinforcement accessories includes the best bitumen expansion joint that you can find in Sydney.

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What Is Bitumen and How Does It Help?

Bitumen is a crude oil by-product that is obtained through a distillation process that reduces the oil, getting rid of the lighter components. What’s left is the bitumen, which is most often used in construction applications as a binder for asphalt. Because of its absorbent characteristic, it makes for an excellent material for improving the structural integrity of concrete joints in ground projects.


Withstanding the Pressure

When working with concrete, it is very important to understand that these structures can expand and contract over time due to thermal changes. These movements can result in cracks and fissures in the structure that can greatly reduce the strength of the slab. But with our bitumen expansion joints, any concrete stab structure will be able to withstand the pressure and vibrations of these movements.


Get Advice from Concrete Specialists

If you are not sure which concrete reinforcement accessories to use for your project, our specialists are here to provide all the assistance you need. Feel free to call us or visit our shop during our store hours.

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