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Best Rotary Hammer Drills for Precise Drilling and Chiselling

Regular drills and drill bits would suffice for making holes in most materials. But if you are working with particularly hard materials, you need something with more power to do the job. This is where rotary hammer drills come in. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, you can find a range of the top rotary hammer drills highly recommended by professional builders and contractors in Australia.

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How a Rotary Hammer Drill Works

Basically, the performance of these power tools relies on air pressure. With a drive piston, the drill uses air pressure on a flying piston, which then rapidly drives the bit forward. At the same time, the bit is rotated by the drill motor. In a Makita rotary hammer drill, these forward and rotating motions are perfectly synchronised for optimal driving performance.

Regular Drill vs. Rotary Hammer Drill

The greatest difference between a regular drill and a rotary hammer drill lies in the power, with the rotary hammer drill obviously much stronger. Although they are generally heavier, as is typical of power tools, they produce significantly fewer vibrations while in action. This makes them much more comfortable to use while also delivering higher performance. Also, their efficiency cuts down your work time by a huge margin.

Uses of Rotary Hammer Drill

If you are thinking of getting a rotary hammer drill Makita is definitely the brand to choose. Call us anytime if you want to learn more about this tool or any other items in the Makita range.

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