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Best Caulking Gun for the Cleanest and Most Watertight Sealing

Sealing is a very important process in construction as it closes up cracks and gaps, making the area watertight and cleanly finished. This job can most efficiently be done with the use of a sealant gun or gap filler gun. Since caulk is the substance used for the actual sealing, the device is also usually called a caulk gun.

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Most Recommended Caulk Gun Brand in Australia

Western Sydney Building Supplies is an authorised distributor of Makita power tools, including cordless caulking gun. Running on 18V and with a capacity of 600ml, it is a very handy tool with very superior efficiency, and comes highly recommended by professionals. We offer the electric caulk gun as is, and the battery and charger are sold separately.

How to Use Caulk Gun

Press the trigger at the back of the gun, then pull the metal rod as far back as you can. Load the tube of caulk onto the applicator, making sure to cut the tip of the tube at a 45-degree angle and in just the right size for the crack that you need to seal. Apply the caulk by moving the gun slowly as you gently squeeze the trigger.

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