Best Spade Bits for Multiple Applications

Spade bits are quite a versatile implement that you should always have on hand if you have a power drill. They are typically used for creating precise holes in wood materials. If you need a high quality spade drill bit for your Makita power drill, look no more because Western Sydney Building Supplies has exactly what you need.  

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All-Purpose Spade Drill Bit Set by Makita

Makita has put together a convenient set of spade drill bits in varying sizes for use in various purposes. The set includes 8 ¼-inch hex shank pieces, ranging in size from 12 mm to 32mm. Of course, this set has a highly versatile and very commonly used 25mm spade bit. 

Practical Uses for Spade Bits

Spade bits are needed for drilling studs on your wall to install electrical wiring. Because they can make holes with significantly wider diameters compared to other kinds of drill bits, spade bits are also commonly used by plumbers for putting in PVC piping along walls or top plates.  

For larger scale projects, spade bits also come in handy when you have to drill treated plates to create a foundation. If you need to put together a wood frame and a deck ledger board on a treated deck, spade bits are also the tool to use.  

If you are going to be working on wood, you would most likely need to have a set of Makita spade bits to ensure the best outcome for your project. Call us to learn more or to place an order! 

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