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Impact Socket Sets for Maximum Efficiency and Safety

Impact sockets are necessary for ensuring safety in the work site despite the intense vibrations produced while using impact wrenches and drivers. They come in many different sizes for different applications. Here at Western Sydney Building Supplies, we have individual sockets for small projects, like the ½ or ¾ square drive sockets. For professional use, we also have the cost-efficient impact socket set that includes 14 pieces of ½-inch square drive sockets, ranging in size from 1x10mm all the way to 1x30mm.  

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Impact Sockets versus Regular Sockets

Compared to regular sockets, impact sockets are notably pricier, and are also often bulkier and heavier. However, they are also capable of much more strength and shock absorption. Technically, you can use a regular socket for your impact tools. But because they are made of metals that are not made for vibration absorption, regular sockets tend to crack and break easily with the repeated impacts of the tool.  

Because of this, impact sockets are a much more sensible choice. They might cost more but they also last much longer than regular sockets, particularly for high-vibration applications. More importantly, they are better for overall safety in the workplace, and also for better tool efficiency as well.  

Choose the right Impact Sockets and Lock Nuts

Like impact sockets, lock nuts are also specially designed for high-vibration applications. We have an extensive selection of these power tool accessories right here. Shop our range today and make sure that you pick the right one to get the best results.  

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